This is not a "blog" in the sense of a daily journal but a place for me to post GPS trail maps of mountain biking and hiking trails, particularly but not exclusively, in the western Greenbelt in Ottawa, Ontario.

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Trail 10 Trail System

This is the last trail system in the western Greenbelt that was left for me to map and surprisingly I was able to do it in one session with one track. Thanks to the high-sensitivity, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver there is not much variance in the overlap where I rode some sections several times as I connected up all the trail sections.

I knew there were some trails in this system not on the official NCC Map but it wasn't until I went looking for all of them to map that I realized how many there were in the eastern portion of the system. However many of these are very narrow through tall grass or with bushes tight to the trail, quite interesting to ride.

This trail system is not very technical but fun to ride anyway with some side trails providing great views of the Ottawa River.

GPS gpx Files
The gpx file for this trail system (and other trail systems) can be downloaded by clicking the link below:
GPX files - Google Docs
If you do download the gpx file please email me at and let me know so that I have an idea of how many people are downloading and using the files.
These are a few photos taken with my GPS the day I tracked (mapped) these trails.

Posted 2013-07-29

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